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The Budget Guide

The Budget Guide

Ahhh, budgeting. The word itself might make your forehead start to bead with sweat.


Have you ever Googled the cost of a wedding vendor, then reached out for quotes only to gasp at the real numbers you're met with? 


Let’s face it, the information found online has no relationship to the reality of high-end weddings. Most online calculators are for weddings in a banquet hall—far from a private estate—and don’t even have categories for things like generators, flooring and bathrooms. 


Putting together a budget is one of your first and most important priorities, and if you’re a planner, getting those numbers right builds trust with your clients.


That's where we come in.


The Wedded Budget Guide will save you hours of time you’d otherwise spend researching costs—not to mention save you from that overwhelming feeling of wondering where to begin or what your client should be spending.


Whether you’re working with a luxury client for the first time, have never done a private estate project or just need a bit of a refresher, our guide will help you level-set cost expectations for quality and specialty services.


Planners, you can use this as a selling tool to help your clients understand the true cost of weddings. It’ll help you level up and acquire luxury wedding clients.


Couples, this resource is an incredible wealth of knowledge to use when creating your budget—especially if you’re not using a wedding planner!


Ready to take the fear out of budgeting?


Let’s go.


Psst: score a 20% discount by buying this Budget Guide and our Budget Template together! Discount automatically applied.

  • What's the Deal?

    • Our game–changing guide:

      • Takes all the guesswork out of the equation (pun intended, of course!)

      • Utilizes our combined 30 years of industry experience

      • Includes line items you may have never even thought about (Think headliner performance fees, pest control, power generators, fashion stylists…and that’s just the beginning)

      • Is broken down by Venue, Ceremony, Food & Beverage, Stationery, Music & Entertainment, Photography & Videography, Beauty & Styling, Decor Production, Guest Services & Transportation, and Wedding Planner

      • Will be delivered in a Google Drive filled with documents for you to edit, customize and add your logo

  • What's Included?

    • A super thorough, six-page Excel document that breaks down the ins and outs of every wedding-related cost you could possibly think of

    • Cost estimates for Economical, High End, Luxury, and Ultra Luxury weddings 

    • Highly-detailed commentary about why each item is important, what factors will affect cost, and how to tailor each item to your clients’ budget

    • Budget items including:

    • Location site fee

    • Portable restrooms

    • Power

    • Pest control 

    • Liability insurance

    • Tenting

    • Marriage license

    • Calligraphy

    • Pyrotechnics

    • Hotel blocks

    And So. Much. MORE!

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