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The Client Design Workbook

The Client Design Workbook

The design process is easily the most exciting part of your work—but where do you even begin?! It’s crucial to start out on the right foot with your clients so you can avoid endless hours debating things like which napkin looks best. (Don’t get us wrong, napkins are important, but your time is important!)


That’s where we come in. We’ve spent over 20 combined years developing (and perfecting!) our exclusive design process…and now, we’re offering you a peek behind the curtain. With our Design Workbook, you’ll put your clients at ease and create a fun, seamless design experience.


You’ll start with a questionnaire sent to your clients to capture allll the information you need to get started—including questions you didn’t even know you needed to ask. From what type of ceremony backdrop they envision to the nitty gritty deets on their budget, our questions cover all the bases.


Next, our Wedded Design Workbook Kit will guide you through the A to Z on all things mood boards. Think: how to create them, a sample you can view and edit, and even a template email that’ll show you how to present your final board to your clients. 


Let’s get started, Wedheads!

  • What's the Deal?

    Our Design Workbook:

    • Streamlines the design process for both you and your clients

    • Helps you compile the data you need to build out incredible mood boards and design presentations

    • Gives insight into our exclusive process for creating amazing mood boards 

    • Shares best practices for presenting your mood boards to your clients

  • What's Included?


    • A super-detailed, five-page workbook for you to send to your clients to fill out before you start designing—no more scrambling to remember all of your questions during your first meeting!

    • A sample mood board template for you to customize in .pages and .doc

    • A templated email you can use to present mood boards to clients

    Ready to get started? Happy designing!

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