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The Client Planning Workbook

The Client Planning Workbook

So, you’ve scored a potential new client—congratulations! But now you may be wondering, “what’s next?” That’s where we come in...again. 


In this comprehensive workbook, we’ve laid out every single question you should be asking your couples before you even hit the brainstorming phase. And we mean every. Single. Question. From where they draw their wedding inspo to sensitive family dynamics you should be aware of, we’ve covered it all. 


You may have seen data intake forms like this for partial planning, but this is a one-of-a-kind asset for full planning luxury services. Trust us—we swear by it ourselves.

  • What's the Deal?

    The holy grail that you didn’t even know you needed. Our workbook:

    • Streamlines your client intake process

    • Makes your clients feel confident in your organizational skills and professionalism from the get-go

    • Helps you compile the data you need in order to build budgets, planning timelines, wedding timelines and everything in between

    • Gives you an idea of where your clients stand on priorities, budget, communication styles, and more

    • Paints a picture of details like your couples’ food styles and aesthetic preferences so you can create a custom catering menu, mood boards, etc.

  • What's Included?

    • A super-detailed, 8 page workbook for you to send to your clients and have them fill out before you start planning—no more scrambling to ask all of your questions during your first meeting!

    • Sections include: Contact Information, Getting to Know You, Wedding Specifics, Color Scheme, and Wedding Planning Preferences

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