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Gratuity Guidelines

Gratuity Guidelines

We get it—tipping can be awkward. Clients don’t always know which vendors they’re supposed to tip, how much is expected, and when or how to distribute gratuities. And they might feel uncomfortable asking.


That’s where we come in!


Our super comprehensive Gratuity Guide and complementary Tipping Guidelines Sample Email cover all the bases. We’ve combined our years of experience into a must-have guide that tackles one of your touchiest topics.

  • What's the Deal?

    • Saves you time—just plug in your deets and go!

    • Improves the likelihood that your vendors and team will be tipped properly

    • Includes amounts based on luxury weddings—but can be adjusted for more budget-friendly weddings, too

    • Includes a templated Tipping Guidelines Sample Email to save you from uncomfortable conversations

    • Can’t be found anywhere else!

  • What's Included?

    • A highly-detailed Gratuity Guide document featuring potential roadblocks, commonly-asked questions about tipping vendors, and our top five tips for handling gratuities with clients.

    • A Tipping Guidelines Sample Email template that’s customizable so you can ensure you’re being sensitive and upfront as you communicate with clients.

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