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The Monthly Planning Checklist

The Monthly Planning Checklist

The document you’ve all been waiting for is here! And once you have it in your arsenal, you won’t remember how you survived without it.


The Monthly Planning Checklist is the #1 resource you need in order to plan a wedding from start to finish—and we should know, since we’ve both been using it ourselves for as long as we can remember!


This contains everything we've learned in a combined 20+ years in the industry. It outlines our entire planning process and shares everything we do for our clients from the day we're hired up to the wedding and after.


This checklist is color coded (of course) to delineate what we do for our clients versus what we ask our clients to do themselves. It features a countdown beginning 12 months out from the wedding all the way up to the weeks after the wedding. We told you we had everything covered, didn’t we? Each checklist item has a thorough description and room for you to include recommendations for your clients.

The Monthly Planning Checklist will be delivered in a Google Drive that includes a Google Sheet with three versions of the checklist itself, plus a PDF that includes our tried and true tips and tricks for customizing it and making it work for you. As always, you can edit it, customize it, and send it to your clients!

  • What's the Deal?

    Get ready for your wedding planning game to change for the better. Our checklist:

    • Streamlines and organizes the planning process for both you and your client

    • Makes it clear which tasks will be completed by you vs. by your client

    • Answers questions up front to save you time later

    • Makes recommendations for smaller items clients may want to do on their own—and may not have thought of

    • Keeps everyone on track with deadlines for vendor contracts, payments and more

  • What's Included

    • A highly detailed Monthly Planning Checklist document with 160 tasks for you and your clients to keep track of—featuring commentary to describe each task in detail and space to provide specific recommendations for your clients

    • An FAQ document that features our advice on how to use this document to your advantage and customize it for every client and type of wedding—including how Shannon and Tracy each chooses to send and present it

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