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The Venue Planning Kit

The Venue Planning Kit

This. Is. Huge. And you probably didn’t even know you needed it.


The Venue Planning Master Kit is the brainchild of years and years of work by both Tracy and Shannon. We’ve compiled the ultimate (and we mean ultimate) guide to all things venues based on each and every faux pas we ever made—or almost made. 


Like the time Shannon didn’t ask a venue for the measurements of the freight elevator (because who would?!) and the bar didn’t freaking fit.


Did you think to ask what’ll happen if sticky tree sap gets all over the tables? Well, we did.


We combined both of our own guides into one mega version, and we’ve left no stone on the venue grounds unturned. Seriously...there are almost 250 questions in the Venue Walkthrough document alone. It’ll knock the socks off both the venue manager and your couple and save you tons of time. Instead of hundreds of back-and-forth emails, you’ll get all the info upfront.


Trust us, this guide will save you from some major planning mistakes—not to mention headaches, tears, unhappy clients, and ruined vendor relationships.


From figuring out what to ask a venue site to how to refer them and manage site tours, we’ve got you covered.


The kit will be delivered in a Google Drive filled with documents for you to edit, customize and add your logo! That’s right—make it yours, put it in a pretty folder, and look like the boss you are.

  • What's the Deal?

    It would honestly be quicker to tell you what it doesn’t include...because it includes everything. Don’t believe us? You’ll find the following topics:


    • What to bring to a walkthrough

    • General details

    • Capacity 

    • Rain plans

    • Access times

    • Floorplans

    • Decor 

    • Rentals

    • Load in/out

    • Parking

    • Lighting/sound

    • Electrical

    • Audio visual

    • Safety

    • Bathrooms

    • Transportation

    • Staff accommodations

    • Storage/work space

    • Venue regulations

    • Required/recommended vendors

    • Catering

    • Communications

    • Natural elements

    • And MORE!

  • What's Included

    • A highly detailed Venue Walkthrough Questions document with 200+ questions that never crossed your mind ($247 value)

    • Our advice for best practices for working with venues and presenting them to clients ($47 value)

    • An email template to send to all prospective venues to gather initial info ($27 value)

    • Two email templates to send to clients, including a venue referral email and site visit confirmation email ($47 value)

    • An email template to give clients so they can conduct their own site tours ($27 value)

    • A highly detailed Venue Comparision Spreadsheet Template ($47 value)


    Total Value: $441 value

    Bundled Together: $197


    We know you are going to love this so much that we will offer you a full refund within 7 days of purchase if you don't learn something new!


    "I cannot recommend this investment in your business enough. Think of this as an insurance policy to ensure you're asking all the right questions of your venues to avoid costly mistakes. This is perfect for the planner who's done d-i-y'ing their way through education and is looking for something they can implement in their business immediately. Beyond glad I purchased this!" 

    ~ Andrea Smith, Soiree Smith

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